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Wed, 01 Sep 2004 03:41:00

(Moblog) This is not your father’s Oldsmobile

What an ugly car!  I did not catch the make, but I think it had a Honda logo.  Maybe.  and an “ER” or “EP” where the model nameplate is.  It was the squarest, ugliest car I have ever seen

Moblog pic
Moblog pic

Posted by JimK at 03:41 AM on September 01, 2004
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Rann Aridorn#1  Posted by Rann Aridorn United States on 09/01 at 04:54 AM -

At least they’re trying something different. And while I’m quite aware that different doesn’t automatically mean better, I’m really sick of the way that almost all cars are identical anymore. It seems like 90% of cars from the nineties or so up through now are built almost exactly the same, tiny little differences all that keeps them being actual different models.
A couple of friends and I actually wandered around in a parking lot for ten minutes or so, because we didn’t remember EXACTLY where we parked, and there were at least ten other cars around that could easily be mistaken for the one we came in, and that was just in the same general area.
So even when they do churn out the occasional boxy piece of crap, I really hope car companies continue to make DISTINCTIVE-looking vehicles.

#2  Posted by AnalogKid United States on 09/01 at 05:48 AM -

That would be the Scion XB, made by Toyota. It is definitely a ‘love it or hate it’ design.

I think you might like the TC better. It’ll be on the streets shortly and is rumored to be a replacement for the Celica.

#3  Posted by Sean Galbraith Canada on 09/01 at 10:03 AM -

I love the xB (which AnalogKid correctly identified). I also love the Honda Element (which you mistook it for) which, while still is boxy, looks like an egg compared to the xB. Right now its my top pick for a new car when I’m ready to get on in the spring (that or a Mini Cooper S)

#4  Posted by doorik Canada on 09/01 at 12:50 PM -

Kinda like the Honda element - Highly versatile - extrelemy ugly

I myslef am trying to decide on my first new car: The mazda 3 or the new Chevy Cobalt. I am waiting for reviews of the latter to make my decision. Any thoughts?

#5  Posted by cashin United States on 09/01 at 07:43 PM -

lol, all i know is that the commercial with the cobalt and the corvette is one of the funniest ones ive seen in a long long time. But i just purchased a Monte Carlo and its treating me GREAT if that means anything. And yea, that is indeed a scion which i agree with Jimk is.....ugly, and thats putting it lightly.

JimK#6  Posted by JimK United States on 09/01 at 07:52 PM -

Sean:  NooooOOOoOooOoo!  Don’t buy one of those ugly-assed cars!  Get the Mini.  That is a *cool* looking vehicle.  It has real style.  Those boxy crudboxes are horrifying!  Don’t do it man.  Don’t do it!  Mini Cooper all the way.  :)

Thanks for IDing it guys…

#7  Posted by Sean Galbraith Canada on 09/02 at 11:10 AM -

I love the MINI.. no doubt. I’ve been to a number of their events put on for prospective buyers that are top notch (like a performance driving school). My heart is in a mini. However .. a mini + VW Gold does = lots of future expandability room. The mini also isn’t a particularly strong candidate for winter snowboarding season. :-)

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