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Mon, 26 Nov 2007 01:12:00

Patriots vs. Eagles

Well, I think everyone can stop crying about the Pats “running up the score.” If you don’t want to see a rout, act like the Eagles did and shut down Randy Moss.  Make big plays.  Don’t play timidly.  Don’t fear the Pats.  Play aggressive.  Make things happen.  Humiliate the handicappers...the spread on this game was a whopping 24 points.  I’d bet on a high school team against an NFL team if you gave me 24 points!

The Pats may have won, but barely.  Wes Welker and Asante Samuel won that game for them.  Shut down Moss and Welker and you’ll have a good shot at beating them.  Now everyone can stop whining.  ;)

Can you believe how hard they crushed Moss?  He had nothing in the second half.  At all.  Welker, on the other hand, seemed to be Mr. 1st down which was pretty handy.  Pretty exciting game.

Posted by JimK at 01:12 AM on November 26, 2007
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Mazz#1  Posted by Mazz United States on 11/26 at 01:48 PM -

See?  I’m glad they BENCHED Mcnabb.  Get rid of him, his time has come and gone. 

I didn’t expect the Eagles to win.  But Freeley is proving his worth.

#2  Posted by hamster United States on 11/27 at 12:32 PM -

Great game and I wonder if the popular thought of how to beat the Pat’s has any real merit.

I think Madden’s comments about the incuts being open all night was more a reflection of how the Pat’s linebackers played (and pretty much shut down) Brian Westbrook all night. They didn’t think that Feely and the Eagles receivers could beat them and concentrated on stopping Westbrook. They were right in the end, but just by a whisker.

The O-line had a rough night, but stepped up in the end when they needed to. The Eagles are a blitzing team and I think Pittsburg will have a chance at using a similar strategy to pressure Brady with exotic Blitzes and such. the Eagles played their best game of the year and it wasn’t quite enough. If the steelers do the same they’ve got a shot. Other than that, this team will run the board.

#3  Posted by surfpunk United States on 11/28 at 04:19 AM -

I was pleased to see the Eagles shut down Moss, as I was facing him in fantasy this week, and another Bills-type game could have sunk me.  That, and I’m a Vikings fan, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings to see Moss get shut down.

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