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Sun, 05 Nov 2006 18:09:00

Sunday babepost - Krystal Forscut

Aside from the Saddam stuff, the internet, web and tubes are all fairly dead, so it’s time for another Sunday babepost.  Today it’s Australian hottie Krystal Forscutt.

Krystal is 20 years old, about five foot four inches tall, a former housemate on Big Brother Australia and has one brother and one sister.  She’s a part-time model, although I suspect that is now a full-time job after her appearance on TV.  Mainly because she looks like this in a bikini:

image image image image

Need more?  How about a couple of pages of an FHM Australia photo shoots?  Page one is here, and page 2 is here.

Krystal may be single-handedly responsible for a potential new law in Australia making it harder for teens to get plastic surgery.  Seems she vigorously defended and promoted her man-made beauties on the show.  Good for her.  She doesn’t advocate under-18 enhancement surgeries though.  She was 19 when she increased her assets.  Also, it’s rumored that she can’t hold her liquor.

Aussie girls have something extra going for them - the accent.  Think I’m kidding?

Here’s Krystal stripping for ZooWeekly.  Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks, Australia!  You done good.


Krystal Forscutt part 2!

Posted by JimK at 06:09 PM on November 05, 2006
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Christian#1  Posted by Christian United States on 11/05 at 11:44 PM -

Why is it that all we get on our Big Brothers are dumb people and hateful hicks? 


Ya, saw Krystal on the FHM website sayen that her boobs are the best 8000 dollars she has ever spent.  And we totally agree.

Mazz#2  Posted by Mazz United States on 11/06 at 02:05 PM -

Cheating on Grace Park, are you?

JimK#3  Posted by JimK United States on 11/06 at 05:25 PM -

Man cannot live on Grace alone.  Unless he really was with Grace, in which case he’d be a fool to look elsewhere. ;)

Mazz#4  Posted by Mazz United States on 11/06 at 06:30 PM -

Check her out, a new SAFE search engine…

Type in searches for:
“where did you learn to sing”
“lap dance”
“your phone number”

and any legitemate search, you get results off to the side.

#5  Posted by w0lver United States on 11/06 at 07:57 PM -

see this Jim??

#6  Posted by ErikTheRed United States on 11/06 at 08:04 PM -

If that’s the future of search, let me just chop of my fingers and gouge out my eyeballs now…

#7  Posted by xlokix United States on 11/06 at 08:31 PM -

More babeposts!

JimK#8  Posted by JimK United States on 11/06 at 08:50 PM -

Mazz - that’s fun to play with the flirty stuff, but as a search?  I want to hunt her down and kill her.

wolver - DUDE that is very cool.  I will likely be ordering one if I see a couple good reviews after it ships.

Mazz#9  Posted by Mazz United States on 11/07 at 12:49 PM -

Ok, I’ll make up for Ms Dewey…


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